TableTop Day 2014 is Saturday, April 5th!

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The Need for Gender Equality in Video Games, Inside and Out: Part 2

Note: This was originally written for my WRI 105 class for an essay prompt asking "How Shall We Live?" For an article, I have included supplementary illustrations and made some further additions. This article is filled with explicit language, much of it sexual in nature and could result in triggers for some readers. However, I feel that the harshness must be shared in order for people to see what women have to experience in the gaming industry. Due to some of the language and imagery below, I will force a jump.

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The Need for Gender Equality in Video Games, Inside and Out: Part 1

According to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2013 Essential Facts report, 45% of all video game players are female (ESA 3). Such statistics contradict the skewed perspective of many male gamers, however; here is one example of their denunciation: “We’ve all been brow beat into accepting this polite fiction that women are just as interested in games, or would be if not for this or that, its [sic] just a load of nonsense” (qtd. in Fieldsted, “Debunking the Polite”). Gender inequality plagues the gaming community. Despite their numbers, women and girls who game are often marginalized, ignored, and threatened by the tyranny of zealous masculinity as players and as characters. This article is the first of three parts to examine this bizarre phenomenon.

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episode 92 - Holiday Travel Playlist

This week, we discuss some of our favorites to listen to, read, and play on the road. We know many people travel for the holidaze so here are a few suggestions about how to keep your sanity while you are whiling away the hours on the road (or hiding from family...) 









Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

Episode 92


Episode 87 - Gender Ratings: A Good or Bad Idea?

Which Harry Potter films pass the Bechdel test?This week, Rhonda and I talk about the recent implementation by a handful of Swedish cinemas to rate movies based on the Bechdel test. We discuss whether this is a fair means of measuring the worth of a movie or if the test itself is too limiting. Would a gender rating influence your movie selection on a Saturday night? 

In our WRaP segment, we discuss listener feedback about using the pay-to-play model as a challenge instead of a deterrent.

As always, we love your feedback and comments on the show. Keep 'em coming!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

Episode 87


Episode 81 - New Writer: Amy Joel

We have a great conversation for you this week as we chat with new writer for the Game on Girl site, Amy JoelAmy shares stories from her gaming history, gaming present, and her gaming family. Check out her intro on the site and keep an eye out for more articles!

Amy joins us as we WRaP up our week with our geeky choices to Watch, Read, and Play. We get a little caught up in this discussion since it's the new fall television season. 

Say hello and welcome Amy to the site! Leave your WRaP suggestions in the comments. What Awesome geeky stuff are we missing out on?

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda 

Episode 81