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Episode 81 - New Writer: Amy Joel

We have a great conversation for you this week as we chat with new writer for the Game on Girl site, Amy JoelAmy shares stories from her gaming history, gaming present, and her gaming family. Check out her intro on the site and keep an eye out for more articles!

Amy joins us as we WRaP up our week with our geeky choices to Watch, Read, and Play. We get a little caught up in this discussion since it's the new fall television season. 

Say hello and welcome Amy to the site! Leave your WRaP suggestions in the comments. What Awesome geeky stuff are we missing out on?

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda 

Episode 81


PAX Prime 13 - Simon from Privateer Press

Here it is! Our second video from PAX Prime! We talk with Simon Berman from Privateer Press live and in person and get a look at some of the fabulous new games available from Privateer. Since the video, I've had a chance to play WARMACHINE: High Command, the deck building card game based on the WARMACHINE lore and it's great fun. Look for a review coming soon!

If you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! We will have new videos every Friday. 

Until next time, game on!



More Words on Gaming

Hello Everyone, 

We have some exciting plans for Game on Girl in the very near future. Starting next week, we will have five new writers for the site.

Hooray! <Kermit flail> 

As many of you know, Game on Girl started as the website to support my dissertation research and this year I launched the podcast to continue interviews and the conversations that started here. Now I want to take that vision a step further and bring in even more perspectives on gaming and game culture. Although each of the new writers will be introducing themselves in greater detail next week, I thought I would share brief intros of them now. 

Toria (@missing_chapter) was a guest on episode 12 along with Mellisa (@somerocketeer). They've both been long and passionate supporters of the website and my research and I'm delighted they will be joining the Game on Girl crew. If you're on Tumblr, you can catch some of Toria's insights and writing there at

Sharon (@ArcticWren) is a long time gamer and was our first role player interview in episode 7. Sharon also writes for LitStack where you can find some fabulous book recommendations. 

Jerry is also a role player and writer over at LVLs. He also came on the show to represent role players and cyber drag in episode 10.

Last and certainly not least is Schjoll, AKA Regina's friend Mark. You can hear interviews with him in episode five and 14 and mentioned in many other episodes as well. 

Please give them all a warm welcome!

Game on!


Episode 36 - Fan Culture on Castle

This week we discuss fan culture on a popular tv show: Castle starring Nathan Fillion. Check out a great conversation about the power of fan culture and some kick ass female heroes!

The Final Frontier

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

Episode 36


GoG Short #1 - Caine's Arcade

Hello Everyone! 

Hey look!  Rhonda and I got excited and we made a thing!  

GoG Shorts - Game on Girl's Gaming in Pop Culture Segment gets its own episode!  This is a quick, 10 minute piece where Rhonda and I talk about this amazing kid, I'm sure you heard about him, who made his own arcade out of cardboard boxes. 

Meet Caine

Click the picture to link to Caine's where you can watch the short film that Rhonda and I discuss and donate to Caine's college fund.  Really, you should buy a fun pass. We should ALL buy fun passes for $2 and get this kid into an engineering or game design program.  

If you don't know Jezebel, you really should check them out since I heard about Caine from them.

Let us know what you think of this short and very spontaneous show!

Game on!

Regina and Rhonda

GoG Short #1