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original gog logo concepts

The challenge that thrills me the most in design is branding. In the simplest way possible, in the smallest space, with only black and white to work with, communicate a concept, personality and mission.

The main challenge with Game On Girl was to find an image that communicated 'gaming' to everyone. For that, I started with a shield and cross bones. In addition, the brand should identify Game On Girl as a unique concept. The initials "GOG" were perfect for branding because I could play with the symmetry of the three letters simply by turning the last 'G' backwards.

Regina stated early on that her favorite color was purple, which was excellent for a superhero/gaming theme.


I focused on imagery to do with 'gaming' and 'girl'. The astrological symbol for female ♀ made it into the design early on. We liked where things were going with the "GoG" and female symbol but I tried to create as many concepts as possible to pit them against each other.

I started thinking about anything that represented 'geek' or 'gamer', including old-school representations.

 The complicated BAM! logo.


The super hero shield and cape.


I still really love this one with the old arcade machine styled 'G's and the 'o' shooting stuff.


Loved the idea of a meeple but it focused too narrowly on tabletop gaming.


I was really into graffiti and tattoo design at the time. We loved this but it's not right for a brand.


Gigi started off holding a controller and the colors were purple and gold.

I'm really very proud of how the Game On Girl brand turned out. It has so many of the qualities you want in a good brand: memorable, eye-catching, flexible, and customizable.


episode 101: moments in geek romance

Hubba hubba! Inspired by recent events on The Big Bang Theory, we talk about our favorite geeky romances on this week's show. Listen to hear our top five romances and geeky love moments from movies, TV, and books. 

We'd love to hear about your favorite geeky romances and romantic moments! Leave a comment here and let us know! 

See Rhonda's moments here

Until next time, Sheldon and Amy got their game on!

Regina & Rhonda

Episode 101


Rhonda's Geek Romantic Moments

Here are clips from the romantic moments I talked about on episode 101: Moments in Geek Romance.

5. Wikus Van De Merwe & Tania Van De Merwe - District 9

For better or worse. Much, much, much worse.


4. Wall-E and Eve - Wall-E

The power of love.


3. Leeloo and Corbin Dallas - The Fifth Element

Taking a second chance on life and love.


2. Neo and Trinity - The Matrix

Faith even when the building is literally crumbling around you.


1. David and Audrey Dunn - Unbreakable

Finding who you are can lead you back to each other.


Rape Culture 101: Victim-Blaming and Slut-Shaming (Part 2)

(Editor's Note: trigger warning for this series - rape and violence)

Victim-blaming and slut-shaming are two of the biggest aspects of rape culture, in my estimation, though victim-blaming holds more weight against victims if they are women rather than men. “Why would anyone blame a victim for being raped?” you might ask. It’s an excellent question. The sad truth is that victim-blaming happens all the time when someone is beaten, assaulted or raped, especially if the victim is a woman.

Click to read more ...


Episode 100: Turning the Tables

We reach a significant milestone this week, dear listeners. 100 episodes of Game on Girl! Mark and Ryan join us to turn the tables and interview me and Rhonda about the last two years podcasting, our plans for the show and the site, and all the adfentures in between. Would love to hear your thoughts on the show so far. We are so glad you're listening!

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments and if you have any suggestions for the next 100!

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Ryan

Episode 100!

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