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Famicom Females: A Brief Rundown of Minor Women in NES/Famicom Titles, 1983-1986

I've realized that, as this project has progressed, I've been mostly covering major characters in the gaming canon. Any damsel thus far has been in multiple titles (Peach, Pauline, Zelda), and there hasn't been a secondary character beyond Nana to discuss as of yet, and she was a fairly prominent milestone in Nintendo's exploration in gender. However, the Famicom is on the verge of exploding at this point in history and, in the very near future, a plethora of minor women will be making appearances in these games. Most of them are one-shots, but I have decided that I would like to at least touch on these characters and their roles in this series, and to start off, I'll be doing the first few years of the Famicom.

ha-castHogan's Alley - Nintendo, June 1984
Character - "Lady"

One of the innocent targets in the classic Zapper title Hogan's Alley is a woman in pink, carrying her wallet and looking generally surprised at the goings-on. She could be considered the beginning of a trend in light gun games, as women are commonly trotted out to serve as a form of penalty in several later titles in the genre.

Image source.

challenger-mariaChallenger - Hudson, October 1985
Character - Maria

Maria is the textbook definition of a damsel in this game. Her appearance is a lot like Princess Leia in the original Star Wars, at least in-game. She appears at the end of the stages, and cries for help.

So yeah, nothing really great here.

Image source.

mmcThe Mysterious Murasame Castle (Nazo no Murasame-Jou) - Nintendo, April 1986
Characters - Princesses

Hero Takamaru can save one princess per castle in this formerly Japan-only release. If he finds one of these damsels, he will gain an extra life, marking the first time a woman is essentially a power-up in a Nintendo title (that I'm aware of). Of course, not every princess is a legitimate one; some will reveal a demonic face and haunt Takamaru throughout the castle until defeated.

Once again, this is not the most progressive game out there.

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Do You Want More X-Files? Of Course You Do 

Con*gregate, a sci-fi con in High Point, North Carolina, is coming up in two weeks. One of the panels I’ll be moderating is “Fan Expectations to Media Adaptations and Tie-ins,” i.e. do fans have the right, or just think they have the right, to vocalize their approval or disapproval? This panel is designed specifically for audience participation so I expect my moderating skills will be put to the test. Fans feel strongly about their treasured stories but are they (we) the custodians of the mythos?

This panel is made all the more interesting with the six-series return of The X-Files tentatively titled The X-Files Revival, due to premiere January 24, 2016 on Fox.

"The X-Files Revival," working title, Fox, 2016The X-Files ran for nine seasons, from 1993 to 2002, and achieved a phenomenal fan base. Toward the end, though, even the addition of Robert Patrick and more screen time for The Lone Gunman could not rescue the last two seasons, which seemed overwhelmed by its own mythos.

Not only will Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprise their roles as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, but also Mitch Pileggi as Skinner and William B. Davis as the Smoking Man. The show also has most of the original producers, cinematographer, composer, and casting director. It’s like we all got abducted and returned to find the show is still running in its twenty-second season. (Seriously, how do we know we weren’t?)

So what are fan expectations when a beloved show returns with its lead characters and its lead creator, Chris Carter?

fan : noun : \’fan\ : 1. an enthusiastic devotee; 2. an ardent admirer or enthusiast.

Even with very little information about the new series, fans are already complaining. For instance, they say Anderson's hair isn't red enough for Scully. (This is a little fussy, but fans do have some rights.)

Media isn’t one-sided. The golden key for a creator is to tell a story that will create a fan base. It is a symbiotic relationship. The creator desires the fan and when Browncoats, Trekies, Carol Corps, or Whovians form, it is a sign the creator has succeeded. But woe, henceforth, the life of the creator is ever under the microscope as each subsequent creation will be judged harshly and the creator eviscerated if the fans are unhappy.

Why would the fan do this to the giver of future cosplay and fan-fiction?

Each fan has a unique experience with their mythos. It is defined by the when, where, what, why, and how of everything in that fan’s life at that exact moment. Neither the creator nor the fan have a hand in this because it is the organic substance that gives life to fandom. This also makes fandom emotional, which makes the mythos personal.

After thirteen years, only the most deeply emotional memories from the original series will bubble to the top for The X-Files fan base, and a lot of those from season one when the experience was new and unique. (For example, I remember how totally creeped out I was about the idea of a humanoid that could crawl through vents [“Squeeze,” Season 1, episode 3] in order to enter your home to kill you.) Compare fan comments about "Revival" to see where, in the original, the fan had seminal moments. Also, you might watch Carter's suggested episodes* before January 24. 

It's impossible to recreate that original experience so, even though we may want a season one we also want something new. Where have Mulder and Scully been and what have they been up to?

“Mulder’s not in a great place,” says Duchovny, looking shabby in gray tee, shoes without shoelaces, and much stubble. “He’s wearing bad jeans, so you can just extrapolate from my wardrobe. He’s in a dark, dark place.” – Jeff Jensen, “The X-Files returns: EW has the exclusive first look and stories from the set,” June 25, 2015, EW

Just like the gesture Netflix made giving us more Arrested Development, I hope X-Philes will appreciate that the creators of The X-Files are fans as well and it’s not their intention to ruin our best memories from the 90s.

“We’re not going to reboot any of the old favorites, although it was something we all thought about,” says Carter. “These are all brand new stories. We hope to scare you in brand new ways.” – Jeff Jensen, “The X-Files returns: EW has the exclusive first look and stories from the set,” June 25, 2015, EW

I'll Give You a Topic

What would you love to see in The X-Files Revival?

What is your most passionate fan memory?

Is it possible for that memory to be destroyed by new additions to the mythos?

*The entire series of The X-Files is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. 

Season 1, episode 1, "Pilot"
Season 1, episode 2, "Deep Throat"
Season 1, episode 13, "Beyond the Sea"
Season 1, episode 24, "The Erlenmeyer Flask"
Season 2, episode 2, "The Host"
Season 3, episode 4, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"
Season 4, episode 14, "Memento Mori"
Season 5, episode 5, "The Post Modern Prometheus"
Season 5, episode 12, "Bad Blood"
Season 6, episode 18, "Milagro"


E3 2015: What Wowed Me at This Year's Show

E3 has seen its fair share of good and bad years. Thankfully, this year's was not in the latter category and featured some amazing reveals (and better looks at games we previously knew about), showcased a positive shift in gender dynamics within the industry, and some absolutely stunning revelations. Today, I'd like to share the ten games that I thought were fantastic, as well as five moments that stole the show.

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Secret Wars and the Carol Corps

"Secret Wars," issue 1, Marvel, May 2015"Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps," issue 1, Marvel, June 2015Prior to the start of Marvel’s Secret Wars in May, I overheard several patrons of Ultimate Comics express their excitement. What I didn’t know is that the Secret Wars storyline originated in a 1984 – 1985 miniseries and these patrons were fans.  

The most daunting thing about starting to collect comic books is where to begin. I’ve only been collecting for about three years and the philosophy that keeps me sane is “start with the now.” There’s a plethora of independent publishers so finding new titles or titles whose mythology doesn’t span decades creates an easier inlet for n00bs.

"Secret Wars" Reading ChronologySecret Wars does not feel like an inlet for a new collector. The number of intersecting storylines and characters involved makes my head explode.

Released on May 6, 2015, the storyline includes a core Secret Wars mini-series, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribić, which picks up from where the "Time Runs Out" storyline running in Avengers and New Avengers ends.

The storyline involves the Marvel Universe combining with various other alternate universes (including those seen in the Ultimate Marvel and Marvel 2099 imprints, and the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline) into Battleworld, a planet that exhibits aspects of the various universes. This results in a new, single universe that will become the status quo for Marvel Comics, similar to how DC Comics restructured its universe in storylines such as 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths.”Secret Wars”, Wikipedia

"Secret Wars" castMany of you, like me, may have gotten issue 0 of Secret Wars on Free Comic Book Day. Later I was persuaded to buy issues 1 and 2.

The huge mishmash of characters and stories just doesn’t work for me. Maybe I’m too OCD but it seems like chaos. Issue one has a cast list of 57 characters! It’s a series for Marvel collectors—fans of the publishing house.

"Captain Marvel," issue 1, Marvel, July 2012"Captain Marvel," issue 29, Marvel, November 1973

Captain Marvel, issue 1, was rebooted July 2012 with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. The Captain Marvel character has been around since 1967 when he was Captain Mar-Vell but, I didn’t have to know the six prior iterations of Captain Marvel to pick up the reboot.

The idea that Captain Marvel was going on hiatus and a new title, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, would come in as a part of Secret Wars thrilled and frightened me.

Captain Marvel leads an all-female squadron of ace pilots. It doesn’t take long to realize there’s something upside down about this world where there are dozens of Thors and the source of light is believed to come from Doom. Are Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps on Doom’s side? Say it ain’t so.  

It's beyond flattering to know that a grassroots movement of self-proclaimed Carol Danvers fans created Carol Corps and now it is a Marvel title. Does that give anyone else chills? We, the fans, have been written into Captain Marvel. We thank you.

Taking a winning plan from the July 2012 reboot, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps does not require an understanding of too many canon characters or crossing storylines. Even casual fans of Marvel will recognize Doctor Doom by sight or by name. But stil, it doesn’t take a lot of backstory to know someone named Doctor Doom is a really bad guy.

Secret Wars maybe too big for a new collector like myself, but I’m happy to have a little corner of battle I can enjoy and participate in as part of the Carol Corps.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps
Issue 1
June 10, 2015
Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson
Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna
Artist: David Lopez


Game on Girl LIVE! Episode 148

Hey Everyone!

For our podcast listeners, the new LIVE Hangout we did on Sunday June 14th is now available as a podcast. If you haven't checked out the YouTube video, don't miss it. We've got some great geeky items that we show off, including a preview of a D&D inspired board game.

Joining us this month are two new writers for the site, Micah Elliot and Sean Blystone. Look for intros and articles from them in the next few weeks. 

I've included links to the books, TV shows, and movies we discussed during the hangout. We also did a tribute to Sir Christopher Lee. Your presence will be missed, sir, and your energy never replaced. 

Our next hangout will be Sunday, July 12 at 2pm Pacific time! Come hang with us!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Micah & Sean


"The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons," Sam Kean

Iron Druid series, Kevin Hearne

"Girl on a Wire," Gwenda Bond

"The Dirty Streets in Heaven," Tad Williams


Wayward Pines, FOX

Sherlock, BBC

"Mystery Science Theater" Complete DVD Collection

Wie is de Mol? YouTube

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, ABC

Silicon Valley, HBO

The X-Files, Netflix 

Grace and Frankie, Netflix Original

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix Original


Jurassic World 

Episode 148

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