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GeekGirlCon, WA
Seattle, WA, October 10 - 11, 2015 GeekGirlCon, Seattle, WA, October 11-12, 2014

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Game on Girl is a weekly podcast hosted by Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. and Rhonda Oglesby. We interview gamers and discuss games, gaming, and game culture. We also have two regular segments, Games in Pop Culture, where we talk about representations of games and gaming in mainstream media, and our WRaP Session where we discuss what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. We're always looking for topic suggestions and for new gamers to have on the show. Send us a Tweet or an email and let us know if you're interested in chatting with us!

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Until next time, Game On!
Regina & Rhonda


Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.

Regina is the host of the Game on Girl podcast and executive editor of the website. The site and the podcast are the results of her 2011 dissertation on women gamers titled, Game on Girl: Identity and Representation in Online Role Playing Games. Since the launch of the podcast, the site and the show have taken the research and the gamer types beyond the confines of the page and the results are an engaged community ready to discuss how gender impacts games and game culture. The site continues to grow with a new YouTube Channel, incorporating video content into the discussion. The "Doc" is always looking for gamer friends. Find her as “DocLizz” on Steam when she isn't busy creating content for the site or grading papers for her multitude of students.  



Rhonda Oglesby

Rhonda is co-host, co-producer, marketing manager, and herder of ideas of the Game On Girl podcast. She has always been a geek, but didn’t really know it. After exhausting all math classes in high school, she and her classmates convinced a teacher to develop a curricula for a higher level math class. She received dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and promptly went to work for a defense contractor. She did geeky stuff there, but she’d have to kill you to tell you. Her geekdom went into mild hibernation for a few years, but gradually started to surface through computer games and web design. In recent years, Rhonda’s geek flag flies through things like computer and console gaming, boardgames, geocaching, and comic books. She writes software for a living but creates art because her soul demands it.

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