TableTop Day 2014 is Saturday, April 5th!

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Rape Culture 101: Government (Part 10)

(Editor's Note: trigger warning for this series - rape and violence) In many parts of the United States government officials — almost always men — trivialize rape and sexual violence. There are god knows how many reasons that they do this, but it's my opinion that as men, especially well-off straight white men, they dissociate the risk because they aren't as likely to become victims as many of their constituents are. There is no shortage of quotes I could pull from, especially over the past couple of years, so let's just look at a handful. These are fairly representative of what government officials in the United States have been saying for years.

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Episode 109 - The Headline Show

This week, Rhonda and Regina talk about some recent news articles in geek culture. There is always something interesting... or annoying... or fascinating going on in geek culture so they take on a few of these topics this week. Check out the articles and our commentary on the show and let us know what you think. 

GoldieBlox – Getting Girls into Engineering


Tabletop Crowd Funding

It only took 4 days for TableTop to raise the $500,000 for Season 3. And they have 31 days to go.


“Fargo” TV Series, FX


“The Green Girl”


Nintendo’s New Key to Creativity: More Women


Gendered Advertising Remixer


Our hosts also WRaP about their latest passions with what they are Watching, Reading, and Playing. Listen to hear Regina's reaction to the first two seasons of Sherlock. 

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

Episode 109


Rape Culture 101: Language (Part 9)

(Editor's Note: trigger warning for this series - rape and violence) While I'm sure this has been happening for centuries, someone in the recent past had the brilliant idea of using the word "rape" in place of the word “dominate” and it's been taking our culture by storm — particularly in the world of gaming.

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Episode 108 - Top Five Female Friendships

This week, our intern, Isabela, joins us to talk about a discussion she recently sparked on the Game on Girl Twitter feed and Facebook page. What are your favorite female friendships in TV, Movies, Books, and Video Games? We got such a great response from our community we decided to do an entire episode about it. We share our favorites and the feedback we got on Twitter and Facebook. 

In Gender Sells, we talk about a Carl's Junior/Hardee's ad and a Jello Pudding ad. One made us smile, and one made us furious. Wanna guess which?
We'd love to hear about your favorite female friendships and your thoughts on these commercials in the comments. 
Until next time, Game On!
Regina & Rhonda & Isabela 

Episode 108


Rape Culture 101: Pop Culture – Books and Literature (Part 8)

(Editor's Note: trigger warning for this series - rape and violence) One of the 'fun' things about rape culture is that it tends to weasel its way into almost every aspect of our society and our media. It’s not just movies, music, and public figures who seem okay advocating rape. There are books that do it too. (Thankfully, though, these examples are much harder to come by.)

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