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We're done for 2014 but it's not too early to look at 2015.
PAX East, Boston
Boston, MA, March 6 - 8, 2015
Emerald City, Seattle
Seattle, WA, March 27 - 29, 2015

utopYA Con, Nashville
Nashville, TN, June 18-21, 2015

DragonCon, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, Septebmer 4 -7, 2015

GeekGirlCon, WA
Seattle, WA, October 10 - 11, 2015 GeekGirlCon, Seattle, WA, October 11-12, 2014

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"A Christmas Carol" LIVE! with RadioFUBAR

This year, a few of us from Game on Girl are joining in for some old time, festive fun. Along with the hosts from a few other RadioFUBAR shows, and actor Jim McKeny, we are performing "A Christmas Carol" as a LIVE radio play adapted by Anthony E. Palermo. So make sure to tune in Saturday, December 20th at 7pm CST at


Scrooge: Jim McKeny

Narrator: Jessica Fah (In This Issue)

Marley: Jeremy Fah (In This Issue)
+Guest 3
+Businessman 1

First Spirit: Pete Johnson (The Rue4matt, The Mr. Producer Show)
+Guest 1
+Old Joe

Second Spirit: Matt Ruefer (The Rue4matt, The Mr. Producer Show)
+Businessman 2

Fred: Frank Wolverton (The Mr. Producer Show, Uniformed Opinions)
+Mr. Fezziwig

Bob Cratchet: Skyler Skippy Davison

Mrs. Cratchet: Regina McMenomy (Game On Girl)
+Businessman 3

Belle: Rhonda Oglesby (Game On Girl)
+Guest #2

Martha: Isabela Oliveira (Game on Girl)
+Mrs. Dilber

Belinda: Mary Wolverton (The Mr. Producer Show)

Poole: Shane Harrington (Nerds and Beer)

Lamb: Jeremy Robertson (Nerds and Beer)

Tiny Tim: Evan Santacruz (Nerds and Beer)


episode 141 - Procrastinators' Purchasing Portfolio

Ho Ho Holy Cow I'm Late! Ever have one of those times you can't quite figure out what to get someone and you're crunched for time? The Procrastinators' Purchasing Portfolio is our last minute gift guide to help you out in these uncertain gift giving situations. Isabela, the fearless intern, joins me and Rhonda to share some great gift giving ideas. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for our gift giving categories. 

You can find us on facebookgoogle+tumblr, and twitter.  If you haven't done so already, please consider leaving us a rating and/or review on iTunes

Until next time, game on! 
Regina, Rhonda & Isabela

The Unexpected Guest

You have everything planned and prepared: food, decorations, music... Then you learn someone is bringing a new girlfriend, a college roommate, or an unexpected relative is in town. What can you buy to put under the tree with their name on it so they feel welcome?

Gender neutral
Goes with everything
Lush fabric like cashmere

"Significant Other" starter kit
You may not know the new boy/girl friend but you know your friend. So the new interest can get to know your friend better give them your friends favorite movie or book.

Windowsill herb starter kit

For that Special Someone

You are a terrible gift giver. You always wait until the last minute because it stresses you out so much. What are some gift ideas that will keep you out of the doghouse?

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Mini JamBox by Jawbone

Movie Soundtracks
"Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1" CD or LP

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Personal Brewer

Lego Movie Lego Sets

On the Way!

You're already on the way to the party and you've got to get one more thing to bring: a hostess gift, white elephant, etc. What can you do that is not a Walmart container of Christmas cookies?

Sparkling Cider, Olive Oil, Coffee Beans, or Tea

Playing Cards, Five Crowns, Novelty prints

Peppermint Patty kit - hot chocolate mix, peppermint schnapps, whipped cream, holiday sprinkles

For Those Far Away

Who ships at the last minute? Well, almost anyone if you're willing to pay for it. Here's what I found in my research. Shipping costs are almost always calculated when you go to check out and delivery times are always with asterisks.


  • Shipping page, not a lot of detailed information on the page.
  • Christmas ordering deadlines.
  • Standard shipping options (have shipping charges):
    • Standard = 4-5 days
    • 2-day shipping
    • 1-day shipping
  • Prime accounts still have free 2-day shipping.
  • Free standard shipping for orders over $35.00

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet


  • Shipping page
  • They ship on Monday - Friday; no weekends.
  • Standard shipping = 2 - 6 days ($7.00)
  • All orders are subject to an additional 1 - 2 days processing
  • Shipping upgrades shipped same day if ordered before 1:00 pm:
    • Expedited = 2 - 3 days ($13.00)
    • Express = 1 - 2 days ($25)

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set


  • Shipping page
  • Free Standard shipping (3 - 5 days) if ordered by December 20
  • Add 1 - 2 days processing before shipping times kick in
  • Shipping upgrades, if ordered by 1:30 pm CST, Mon - Sat:
    • Express = 1 day
    • Premium = 2 days


  • Shipping page
  • Wonderful, unique gift ideas
  • Free shipping for orders over $50.00
  • Apply 1 - 3 days processing before shipping time kicks in
  • 2-day and overnight shipping availble

Lock Picking tools
10-pc Hex Key Set (SAE)

Episode 141


My Two Mottos or The Voldemort Axioms

If you ask Regina, I’m not sure she’d call me a feminist — she might, but with a few asterisks attached. ;)  Even if you ask me I’m not sure I’d call myself a feminist; I despise labels.

Individuals are so complex; it’s unjust to boil down any ideal, philosophy, event, or action to a single word. And that’s just if we’re dealing with the English language. Bring in any other single language — how do you expect to clearly communicate with one word? On a weekend retreat I was learning how to translate and interpret an Aramaic phrase. The entire interpretation turned on the translation of a single preposition. It rocked some people's worlds.

Like Regina says, words have meaning. The internet gives us the freedom to be... verbose without much responsibility. When it comes to journalism and criticism, it’s important that writers are accurate, well researched, and humble. You can write a stream of unending judgment but have you added any value to the conversation or provoked any change?

When I do analysis ('reactive' writing) about what people have written or said it’s because I’ve applied my two mottos:

  • Context is king
  • No one is pure evil, except Voldemort*

Context is King

Context means you’ve done your research and are not just having a knee jerk reaction. If you have a negative reaction to something, challenge yourself to understand where the other person is coming from as well. No one wants to be defined by a single phrase or moment that a stranger extracts and uses as a label for who they are. I’m evolving. I’m not the same person I was five years ago. I hope I’m not the same person I was five days ago.

It’s unjust to point to a single thing in someone’s past or present and say that’s who they are as a whole, that one thing defines their ideals and perspectives. Everyone’s said and done stupid or ignorant things and most are mortified by it.

Even if you can learn someone’s context, it’s not up to you to judge whether they’re evolving or not. Why? Because you’re evolving. Ten years ago I was not as evolved as I am now. There were things I firmly believed in that were ignorant and thoughtless, and I judged people. I was wrong. Passing judgment is saying you have the corner on truth. No one has that. How do we improve our society, then, if someone isn’t judging?

No One is Pure Evil Except Voldemort

There’s a big difference in saying, “You’re a misogynist,” and, “That’s a misogynist statement.” If someone says something ignorant or offensive, don’t immediately label the person; label the statement. If you want to promote diversity and equality, you can’t do that by stamping a scarlet ‘M’ on people (or ‘S’exist or ‘P’ervert or any other letter). Doing so is the direct opposite of diversity and equality.

How can you go wrong by first assuming someone is a decent person and what they’re saying is not who they are as a whole? There is an endless number of reasons why a person might make a stupid comment and we’ve all experienced them: peer pressure, pain, lost job, abuse, rage, fear, etc. Instead of kicking them, give them a hand. Instead of invalidating them as a person, call them out for what they’ve said, pull them out of negative behavior, and help them dust themselves off.

I had a friend, Brenda**, in high school who was an obsessive straight ‘A’ student. We had a particularly tough biology quiz coming up and I studied extra hard (I was competitive). The day of the quiz, Brenda was really quiet and withdrawn. When I found out Brenda failed the quiz I was stunned. Turns out, the night before, when she was trying to study, her parents had a violent fight right outside her bedroom door. If we had had a substitute teacher the day of the quiz, what would they have thought of Brenda? Lazy? Apathetic? Difficult? Trouble?

These mottos apply one-hundred percent of the time to all people. I find most people are not misogynists or professional assholes. They are just thoughtless about the words they use and ignorant of their meaning. I’d rather give someone the opportunity to explain themselves than falsely accuse them publicly and bring down unjust community criticism on them.

I’ll Give You a Topic

You meet someone new at a party and they are pleasant. You find out they truly believe that the woman’s place is in the home.
The person is a man.
The person is a woman.

Is there such a thing as a universal truth?


*I know there are a lot of pure evil fictional characters but Voldemort gets my point across.
Not her real name.


Episode 140 - Linda Breneman from Pixelkin

Linda Breneman from Pixelkin joins us this week. We have a great discussion about gaming with your kids, making content accessible to new gamers, and the fun of a good online gaming experience. Make sure to check out the site for lots of great reviews and excellent articles. 

Rhonda and I discuss some of our end of year geekiness in our WRaP session. Does the holidaze leave you with more or less time for geeking out? 

We also mention an upcoming holiday even we are doing in conjunction with and some of the podcast hosts from the network. Trust me... you're not going to want to miss out on this!

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda


For PixelKin:


Episode 140


episode 139 - Cathé Post - GeekMom

This week, Cathé Post from joins us on the show. We discuss training your kids to be board gaming geeks, cosplaying as a family, and some of our favorite board games. In the WRaP, Rhonda and I discuss our current geeky obsessions!

Make sure to check out all the great DIY science stuff on these sites. Some good times are in store for sure!

Let us know what you think about the show and how you're geeking out this week in the comments below. You can also get in touch with us on facebookgoogle+, and twitter.  If you haven't done so already, please consider leaving us a rating or review on iTunes

Until nex time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda




"Gone Girl"
"Penny Dreadful", Showtime


"Batman: Hush", Jeff Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
"The Dead Tracks", Time Weaver
"Gone Girl", Gillian Flynn
"Never Coming Back", Tim Weaver


"Arkham Horror", Fantasy Flight
"Code Breakers", PennyDellPuzzles, December 2014 issue
"Dixit", Asmodee
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"Stone Age", Rio Grande Games
"Terror in Meeple City", Repos Productions
"Warhammer: Fantasy", Fantasy Flight


"The Imitation Game"
"The Librarians", TNT
"The Mentalist", CBS

She may have been in cahoots with Wilde all along! Cahoots... I've been cahooted!

Flynn Carson in "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear", 2004

Episode 139