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Punch 2015 in its Fat Face

There’s something I’ve preached since we began GoG – consistency. There’s nothing that kills branding more quickly than being inconsistent with your output. For any of you fans still here, you’ve seen a lot of inconsistency from us this year and we apologize. We don't want it this way.

From the very beginning of 2015 things were wrong. The first hit was when Regina had to leave the podcast. Understand that it has been a year-long mourning process for us both. Grown-ups have to make hard decisions and it’s one she and I made together. We ache in how much we miss it.

But it was merely a shadow of things to come. It was only February and everyone I encountered all seemed to agree that 2015 sucked.

The struggles since then have been personal and unrelenting. Disappointment, grief, loss, and frustration have mounted non-stop since Father Time weighed us down with 2015. The stress has done nothing but increase without a way to relieve it.

I adore GoG. I love writing on the site, I love speaking at cons, and I love interviewing the amazing people in our community. How much more downcast we are that all this stress has weeded its way into the things we love and is gradually choking it out.

I’d like to give 2015 a manifestation so I can shoot it to hell; I’d like to stand over it as it respawns and troll it dead over and over again; I’d like to fire a rocket launcher at it and do a dramatic, slow-mo walk toward the camera as it crashes, explodes, and disintegrates in the background.

Now, some of you well-intentioned folks may think I’m not counting my blessings because I could have been in Paris during the attacks, or in some country where women have no rights, or where some women are still mutilated. But as I like to say, it’s not a contest. Your grief doesn’t trump mine. When you want to be a loving community, to take care of your fellow man, "rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."1 You have to go through the grieving process in order to heal, so give me my cry.

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.2

The hope is that the holidays will allow me to find a bunker, lay low, and let my regenerating health shield repair the damage. I hope the same for all of you. I think what I’m saying is I’m giving myself permission to take the rest of the year off and risk the marketing impact it will have on the site.

I’m here to say I’m sorry if your year sucks and I wish I could punch 2015 in the face for you. But Father Time is in control and, even though we may shatter 2015 with liquid nitrogen and a shotgun, the damn thing thaws and reconstitutes like the damn T-1000.

I, for one, am going to party on December 31, 2015 as Father Time, the ass-hole himself, has to come out and kill 2015 for good. And I’m putting 2016 on notice right now. My friends, family, and I are toughened. We can handle trolls and terrorists and terminators and we can handle you. You are not going to troll me out of the game I love to play.

And if you hurt my friends, <fill-in with horrible things>.


1Romans 12:15

2"Love Without Limits," Keith Krell, April 13, 2012


Episode 151 - October LIVE Hangout - ZOMBIES

Hey Everyone!

We had a great time for our October hanging talking about all things undead. We talk about games, movies, TV shows, fast versus slow zombies, and if one of the most famous science fiction creatures is really a zombies. We also chat a bit about whether zombies have had their day and are on the way out. If you haven't read Rhonda's article about that, check it out

Our next LIVE Hangout will be Sunday, November 15 at 2pm Pacific. We're looking for topic suggestions. Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to tackle. 

Until next time, get your zombie on!


Episode 151


The Endurance of Zombies

For our Halloween Google Hangout this month we discussed zombies.

But aren’t zombies on their way out?

We talked about that, but, the way the genre has been flexed, some really great story telling and creativity has been produced. And, as long as the story and characters are so intriguing, the audience will not get bored.

Monsters of all types, be it vampires, werewolves, or evil dead, explore the same human themes of identity, prejudice, and survival. With these themes, zombies have a more flexible mythology in which character stories of human interactions can be told and societal problems can be explored.


"Breathers: A Zombie's Lament," by S.G. BrownThe dark comedy Breathers1, written by S.G. Brown, is set in a society where people who have died are randomly and inexplicably coming back to life. Besides their grotesque appearance and stench of rotting flesh, the zombies have thoughts, desires, and communication skills like the living.

Told from the perspective of a recently reanimated guy named Andy, the first half of the book trudges through the extent of zombie disenfranchisement in day-to-day life. It’s heavy handed with the social justice but I did enjoy the wry humor used to tell how the mistreatment of the zombie class didn’t get attention until it became profitable.

There’s also a little known cure for the zombie class but it involves one of the last remaining taboos in our society.

What do we do when faced with a seemingly impossible choice:  continue subjugating a class or concede to the unthinkable?

In spite of their failings and the fact that they were willing to sell off their son to settle a ten-thousand-dollar debt, they were my parents. And I feel like I’ve kind of failed them by killing them and stuffing them into the refrigerator. –Andy in Breathers, Chapter 37, page 205.

Click to read more ...


Stay Fresh! Observations of the In-Game Culture in Splatoon


Nintendo's Splatoon has been a constant for me since I bought it in June as a celebratory "we moved!" present. I beat single player in a week or so, and I've probably played at least one or two online matches every day since we got the Internet at our new place. My wife Grace has also gotten pretty into it, too. We've convinced a few friends to buy the game (although we haven't had the chance to meet up with them much), and I play with a few forum friends when the opportunity arises. I even have one of those silly amiibo toys everyone covets for the game (Inkling Girl, in case you're wondering). I'm pretty hooked, I must say.

The more I've played Splatoon, the more I've fallen in love with the fascinating universe it's set in. It's set in a future Earth minus humans, who have been replaced by anthropomorphized mollusks known as Inklings. They have their own language, fashion, and traditions, and it's spun off of elements of our own livelihoods. While it's pretty clear that the majority of the game's style is taken from Japan (it was developed there, after all), there are fragments of Western influence as well. I think it's a clever twisting of our world cultures. splatoon-inklings

But what really gets my inner anthropologist revving is the interaction between players...or the lack thereof. Nintendo restricted the options of squad interplay with other Inklings to simple vocalized shouts of "C'mon!" and "Booyah!"; the former to inspire, call for attention, or rally your allies, the latter to acknowledge a great moment of gameplay performed either by the player or a teammate. Beyond that, in-game discussions have to be performed through other means. Despite this, teamwork is still emphasized and, perhaps more impressively, somehow manages to occur. I've had some amazing moments of team synergy where me and my squad overcome any loss of the ability to communicate and completely dominate the opposing team without a single word being spoken (at least from me to them). And Splatoon allows players from all over the world to play together. Competing with Japanese and European players is common in the lobbies, adding yet another layer to this stunning level of synchronization and camaraderie.

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October LIVE Hangout! Sunday, October 25th at 2PM Pacific

Hey, everyone!

We are looking forward to hanging out with you on Sunday, October 25th at 2pm PST. Check us out on YouTube and send us comments or topics @game_on_girl on Twitter

This month, the writers from Game on Girl get together to talk about one of our favorite genres for TV shows, games, books, and movies – ZOMBIES! Come hear us discuss the undead just in time for Halloween!

RSVP to the Facebook event to be reminded when we're live! See you Sunday!

Game on!